Introducing BASOL

BASOL is an international solar energy consultancy based in Brazil. We know the challenges of solar energy companies trying to enter the Brazilian market and help to overcome them. We created BASOL to give guidance on the Brazilian energy market. We have extensive knowledge both in the science and economics of the photovoltaic and solar thermal industry. Our engineers and consultants have considerable international experience. We have a network of reliable partners such as renewable energy firms, research centers and trading companies.

Principal consultant
Csaba Bruno Sulyok 


Principal Consultant, BASOL - Brazilian Solar Consulting


São Paulo, SP, Brasil




  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics and International Business Administration, Oxford Brookes University

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Industrial Engineering, Solar Power, Federal University of Bahia

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Economics of Solar PV, Center of Energy and Environment (USP / UFBA)


Professional Experience


  • Brazilian solar market specialist

  • PhD Research Fellow - Photovoltaics and CSP (UFBA)

  • Project Manager at Heliflower




  • Portuguese, Spanish, German, Hungarian, English 




  • Great talent of organizing complex projects

  • Negotiating skills in multicultural environment

  • Very flexible and skillful in international environments

  • Exceptional technical and communication competence



The Brazilian energy mix needs to be diversified with renewable energy sources featuring low environmental impact. Solar energy has become feasible and increasingly accessible in recent years. In the near future, it could become the most competitive source, with an unpaired energy potential and offering the greatest environmental benefits. 


Brazil is rich in silicon and bauxite, but only the mining of raw materials will not bring the benefits of a complete production chain. In order to enjoy the excellent solar resource you need to create an industry value-chain as interconnected as possible. This integration is essential for the purpose of getting a competitive price for solar energy. 


To accomplish this vision, international cooperation is essential. Negotiating with Brazilian energy firms, financial and governemt institutions or research centers is fundamental to the successful entry into the emerging Brazilian solar industry. 


Basol aims to facilitate the creation of the Brazilian solar industry. We imagine the birth of a new industry that will benefit all participants.



Besides in-depth expertise in the science of photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal power at the academic level, we also have an economic vision and a solid understanding of the solar market. The combination of technological knowledge and market competence is our specialty feature. Whether distributed generation or utility scale, importing components or technology transfer, we are prepared to offer countless advantages. 


An ideal consultancy not only masters the latest technology and is able to negotiate in the international market, but also has to understand the local needs and challenges. Foreign companies operate in different cultures, thus we specialize in intercultural cooperation.


We assist in all processes, from market research through negotiations to the contract and any eventual disputes or problems during fullfilment. Our international experience and proficiency in the industry's leading languages, including Portuguese, German, Spanish and Mandarin; positions us strategically to negotiate contract terms with exclusive benefits for our client.

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