Market research

As the most important factor in the success of a solar project is planning, detailed technological and market research is essential. Choosing the components, suppliers, materials and financing, all requires competence and experience in the industry. 


Our Consultants at Basol spent years as researchers in academia, accumulating a deep theoretical knowledge. With this solid foundation of know-how, we are able to evaluate new business partners. Today it is common to hire suppliers online, but in the case of serious negotiations, a personal visit from an expert may result in a more fruitful cooperation. 


With the vision of an outside professional, your organization will receive a new understanding of the solar market.

Negotiations and contracts

Hire a Basol consultant for international negotiations with overseas business partners. Trust and results!

Great intercultural communication is one of the most remarcable features of our consultancy. Years of negotiations in foreign environments and multiple language skills enable us to reach favorable contractual conditions for our clients. 


Your business may faces the need and challage of negotiating with foreign business partners. With Basol you could always follow the transactions step by step. We represent our client's interests at all stages, from the first meeting until the contract is completed. 


Visa, hotel reservation, ticket purchase, health insurance and business travel allowances  are just the first concerns when your company is sending an internal employee abroad. Basol will be responsible for all of these details and your company can focus on the essential tasks.

Expo, events, conferences

SNEC PV Power Expo - 27 to 30 April, 2015 - International Photovoltaics Expo in Shanghai, China. 

International trade fairs present a wonderful opportunity to find prospective partners and expand the understanding of the market. Sending your internal employee with the necessary language, culture and science skills could present a serious challenge. Hiring a well prepared and reliable external professional to represent your company is often the best solution. 


By the end of March 2015 we will offer an exceptional partnership for the representation of Brazilian companies in the Shanghai PV Expo.

Technology transfer

From 2020, the Brazilian National Development Bank, BNDES, will oblige solar energy companies to source at least 60% of equipment components from the domestic industry. As today there is still virtually no solar industry, the renewable energy sector will face a huge challenge. 


Technology transfer will play a key role in the future of Brazilian solar manufaturing. It will determine the efficiency and the integration of this new sector. Cooperation with companies in possession of patents and know-how can mean the unique competitive advantage for domestic solar companies. Facing this challenge with human resources with only limited international experience and language skills or technical expertise can result in the complete failure of negotiations. 


We recommend looking for experts in technology transfer with a proven track record in the international market. Diplomacy, understanding of other cultures and interpersonal skills are only the most important elements for us to be a successful partnership.

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