Solar Energy Consulting 


Solar energy has become a competitive source in the energy market and could become the most important technology by 2050. This source is ideal for the diversification of the energy mix and perfectly complements Brazil's vast hydropower infrastructure.


Basol facilitates the implementation of this new technology. Our vision is to bring professional contribution in the creation of the Brazilian solar industry.


We focus on photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal technology, whether distributed generation or utility scale. We are knowledgabel about international market trends and count on a network of trusted partners.


Shall we find the best supplier or negotiate technology transfer, we are specialists in the solar industry sector.


We represent Brazilian companies in international industry fairs and congresses. We help in market research to find the best suppliers. 


Negotiating in five languages with strong multicultural skills result in beneficial contractual terms for our clients.


Our local knoledge on the Brazilian energy market will help foreign firms to enter.

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